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CMAT Certification
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About the Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist (CMAT) Certification

Have you ever had a client that, regardless of how much work he or she does, always relapses? Almost 50% of people suffering from an addiction have more than one addiction. Not assessing for multiple addictions and identifying how they interact with one another can inhibit or delay a client’s recovery. Because of this IITAP has developed the multiple addiction certification to help practitioners treat co-occurring disorders. Practitioners have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the following areas: 

• Chemical & Alcohol Dependency
• Financial Disorders
• Eating Disorders

To be eligible to become a CMAT you must meet one of the two following credentials:

1. Currently IITAP Certified;

  • Certified as an ASAT, CSAT or PSAP,.
  • Completion of one or more of the specialty training(s): Chemical & Alcohol Dependency, Financial Disorders, and/or Eating Disorders

2. Current CSAT Candidate; 

  • Must have successfully completed CSAT Module 4 prior to registering for the CMAT training)
  • Submitted proof that 15 hours of supervision has been completed.
  • Credentials for the CMAT certification will be awarded after the Candidate becomes a credentialed CSAT. 

Visit the Calendar tab under Upcoming Events to find the next available training in finical disorders, chemical and alcohol dependency, and disordered eating.

Note: The CMAT Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist certification is available only to those who are certified as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Associate Sex Addiction Therapist, or Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional.

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