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CPTT Candidate Prep Work
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Overview of the Training & Certification Process | Do I meet the qualifications to become a CPTT? | What is an APTT?

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Here is your checklist:


  • We can’t stress this enough - begin the supervision process as soon as you have clients. This is such an important part of the learning process. We encourage you to connect with a supervisor (or two supervisors; one being your primary and the other your non-primary) who can further assist you with implementing the materials we give you into your practice.
  • Prior to Module 2, you need to completed at least 5 hours of supervision and the Verification of Hours form should be submitted to IITAP by your primary supervisor prior to you attending Module 2.
  • Your remaining 5 hours of supervision to give you a total of 10 completed hours is required to be completed before IITAP awards your full CPTT/APTT certification to you.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of the number of supervision hours you’ve completed with your supervisor(s).
  • If you are both a CSAT Candidate and a CPTT Candidate at the same time you would be required to take 30 hours total of supervision (for both CSAT and CPTT).

  • Active and in good standing CSATs/ASATs will NOT be required to take additional supervision for the CPTT Certification.


    CE & Renewal Requirements:

    • CPTT's are required to renew their certification every two (2) years from their original certification date.
    • Renewal requires you to earn 15 IITAP CPTT approved Continuing Education (CE) hours over the 2 year period from original certification date and submit your renewal with a current copy of your professional license/malpractice insurance and fee of $200.

    CE Requirements for Currently Approved CSAT/ASATs or CSAT-Candidates:

    • If you are a CSAT in good standing and have acquired the CPTT certification, IITAP will merge your CPTT membership with your CSAT renewal date.
    • To renew your combined CSAT-CPTT certifications, you will need a total of 20 IITAP CEs and for your first renewal as a CSAT-CPTT you will have earned 40 IITAP CE's from completing the CPTT Module 1 & 2 trainings, which will be used for your next renewal.
    • Renewal fee: $300 ($200 for CSAT renewal and $100 for CPTT renewal).

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