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Ethics Statement
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Ethics Statement

(By clicking "I Agree" you verify that you have read and support the statements below.)

  1. IITAP Certified Professionals are required to have a working knowledge of the Legal and Ethical Standards.
  2. Dual relationships that might impair the IITAP Certified Professional’s objectivity and judgment must be avoided, i.e., family members, friends, etc.
  3. IITAP Certified Professionals will not engage in sexual, physical, or romantic intimacy with clients and/or associated individuals.
  4. IITAP Certified Professionals do not engage in reparative therapy and do not pathologize or regard homosexuality as a mental illness. IITAP has a “zero tolerance” policy on this practice and reserves the right to revoke certification at will if evidence proves a violation has occurred.

I have read the IITAP Legal and Ethical Standards Document. I will abide by the requirements of IITAP and its Certification Programs as related to applicant certification and generally accepted principles of professionalism, ethics, and practice standards. I hereby declare under penalty of perjury the information included in my application to be true and complete to the best of my knowledge. In signing this application, I am aware that a false statement or evasive answer to any questions may lead to denial of my application or subsequent revocation of my certification on ethical grounds. I understand if my professional license to practice in any state, providence or country is suspended or revoked, IITAP reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke my certification. I will abide by the current laws and rules that govern my practice. I understand that IITAP reserves the right to re-classify persons who have taken the courses for certification if laws, ethical regulations, or standards for the behavioral health industry change. I understand that CSAT, ASAT, PSAP, APTT, and CPTT are designations that the practitioner has completed specialty training in the assessment and treatment of sexual addiction and/or partner trauma. These designations do not qualify a person for state licensure. IITAP reserves the right to modify the terms of the Ethics Manual at any time and will provide notice to the members via email. Modifications will be effective at the time I choose "I Agree" and  date the ethics statement within my Member Profile.


IITAP Ethics Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IITAP Legal and Ethical Standards PDF (170.45 KB) Administration 11/7/2019
IITAP Ethics Statement Link Administration 1/14/2019
Ethics Review Request Form Link Administration 11/13/2018

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