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NEW Recovery Zone Website

New Recovery Zone "How To" Tutorials | Assessment Tools

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We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW Recovery Zone Website (!!  

 Beginning March 16, 2020, assessments such as the SDI 4.0, IPAST, PTSI-R, and MAWASI will be added for you to now assign all of your assessments through the new site only.  Every member has been given access to the new site using the same login credentials you are currently using to access the original Recovery Zone website. 

March 13th at 5pm PST we will be being launching all IITAP assessments on NEW Recovery Zone Website. During this time we ask that you DO NOT purchase additional tokens or assign surveys please. This will make the assessment transitioning process smoother. All assessments that are currently in progress or have been completed can still be accessed from the old site. In the next coming days unused assessments will be converted to tokens and added to your account on the new website. In the coming weeks all legacy data (Patient Reports) will be transitioned onto the new website.

We want to make you aware of this transition and we will continue communicating updates to the community regarding next steps. Please be on the lookout for additional emails from IITAP over the upcoming weeks. It has been a long process, and we appreciate everyone's patience with our team as we were developing the new site.

The information being moved to the NEW Recovery Zone website by March 16th, 2020:

  • Purchased tokens that are unassigned
  • ALL Recovery Zone assessments - you will be able to assign assessments to new or existing clients through one website now (

Assessments and Tokens


The New Recovery Zone website functions differently than the original site in regards to tokens. Tokens on the original site were assessment specific - e.g., 1 IPAST token at $20 = 1 IPAST assessment. The New site allows you to create a bank of tokens, if you like, which you can use for multiple assessments. Each token is $5.00. The SDMI costs $20, so you'll need 4 tokens in your account to assign 1 SDMI assessment. Just like the original recoveryzone website, your clients will not be able to purchase assessments on their own, you will need to purchase them through your Therapist Access.

How your client will take an assessment


To have your client take an assessment, instruct them as such:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on CLIENT ACCESS
  3. Enter the therapist's name by typing in the first name and then select the name from the drop-down list
  4. Enter the assigned identifier given by the therapist
  5. Click Log In and take the assessment


Once the client finishes the assessment, the resultant report will be available on your Therapist Homepage, which you will need to log in to view.  

Costs by Survey Type
Each token is $5.00

  • SDMI (Sexual Digital Media Inventory) - 4 tokens
  • ECR-R (Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised) - 1 token
  • PTSI-R (Post Traumatic Stress Index-Revised) - 4 tokens
  • MAWASI-R (Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index) - 4 tokens
  • IPAST (Inventory for Partner Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma) - 4 tokens
  • IPAST Revised V2 (Inventory for Partner Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma - Revised) - 4 tokens
  • SDI-R (will be used for clients who were assigned or have completed their survey through the Original Recovery Zone Website)
  • SDI - V4 (Sexual Dependency Inventory 4.0) - 6 tokens
  • SDI - V4 No Minors (for therapists located in California, Pennsylvania, and Australia) - 6 tokens

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