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 Supervisor Responsibilities and FAQ

Evaluation or recommendation forms must be sent directly to IITAP by the person completing the form. Candidates are not permitted to turn in “copies” of forms for official use.

Forms are available in PDF format only.  To save a PDF form click Save As under File and select PDF (or click Ctrl + Shift + S) and rename the document to include the Candidate Identifier of your choice, make sure you are saving the document in the location you want, and then click Save

 Below are form descriptions as well as forms that need to be completed and returned to IITAP during the supervision process.

When Do I Use The....

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  • To be signed upon a mutual agreement between a Candidate and Supervisor to enter into the supervision relationship
  • Send a completed copy directly to IITAP (required)
  • Candidate 8 & 15 Hour Supervision Verification Form>/li>
  • Complete after candidate has successfully completed 8 hours required supervision for Mod 3 participation and 15 hours required for Mod 4 participation 
  • Candidate to keep track of hours completed and request form be sent when needed
  • Candidate to request verification of completed hours (if needed) from Non Primary Supervisor to be sent to Primary Supervisor if needed when requesting hours be sent to IITAP 
  • Send a completed copy directly to IITAP (required)


  • To be completed at the end of the supervisor relationship by the Primary Supervisor
  • Send a completed copy directly to IITAP (required)
  • Serves as a letter of recommendation for the candidate
  • This is not to be used in lieu of the Final Candidate Consultation Evaluation
  • For use if you wish to also send in a recommendation with your evaluation
  • Send a copy directly to IITAP (if you choose to fill one out for the Candidate)


Keeping Track of Your Candidate

The forms below are for your use during the supervision process and do not need to be returned to IITAP:

  • Suggested format to use after the initial consultation with a Candidate
  • Keep your notes organized during your consultation.
  • Suggested format to use to assess Candidate’s progress with supervision
  • For use as needed
  • To be completed by a Candidate’s Non-Primary Supervisor when their supervision relationship with a Candidate has ended
  • Form to be sent to the Candidate’s Primary Supervisor

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